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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: ETAG automatic vehicle recognition

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ETAG automatic vehicle recognition

ETAG, the automatic vehicle recognition system

The ETAG automatic recognition system has been designed to meet the ever-growing requirements of managers of private sites in terms of security and distribution management of fuel and associated fluids such as Adblue®.

ETAG is an intelligent nozzle which allows you to ensure security and analysis for each of your fuel transactions.
With the help of a tag (RFID) attached to the fuel tank, the ETAG intelligent nozzle automatically identifies the vehicle which is at one of the pumps of your private service station.

Operation principle:

  • The vehicle arrives at the fuel station. The driver places the nozzle at the opening of the vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • The vehicle’s tank is automatically recognised thanks to the integrated RFID system on the nozzle which transmits an authorisation request to the fuel distribution logic controller.
  • As soon as vehicle recognition is activated, the fuel dispenser starts up and the user is authorised to refuel with diesel, red diesel, Adblue®.
  • The refuelling data is automatically sent to the EPACK fuel management software.
  • The nozzle guard has an integrated electronic device which allows vehicle identification. This involves no battery and no wiring (no maintenance operations therefore required).
  • The guard is automatically recharged when the nozzle is replaced onto the pump.

The advantages of the ETAG recognition system:

  • No modifications to be carried out on the dispensing nozzle
  • No energy sources (battery) contained in the distribution nozzle
  • No electrical cables to be installed between the nozzle and the pump’s logic controller
  • No supplementary maintenance costs on frequently replaced equipment (nozzles, hoses, security connectors) because our solution does not involve any modification of standard equipment currently installed
  • No “health” risks for operators (passive device)

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