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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: Products – Epack management logic controller

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Epack management logic controller

A unique concept for providing security to and managing distribution of your fuel, lubricants, Adblue® and industrial fluids.

The Epack management logic controller is factory fitted on all of our fuel and fluid dispensers in the Modulis range.

Epack logic controller functions:

  • LCD screen display to view volumes and totalizers
  • Predetermination of volume to be dispensed
  • Selection of product(s) to be dispensed
  • Visualisation of stock remaining in tank
  • User identification via contactless devices (pre-programmed cards and badges)
  • Manual or automatic mileage recovery (Chronoservice card, webservice, onboard modules)
  • Storage tank electronic level gauge


Technical characteristics:

  • Creation and management of user and vehicle files (up to 10 000 files)
  • Simultaneous management of 10 petrol, diesel, fuel oil, Adblue® and other fluid pumps
  • Manual input or automatic recovery of mileages
  • Automatic programming of badges
  • Calibration of meters

In addition, the Epack logic controller has several identification modes which aim to make your hydrocarbon unloading, loading and distribution operations as safe as possible.


Identification by:

  • Input of personal codes
  • Mifare contactless card or contactless badge with RFID chip
  • Magnetic and chip card
  • Camera
  • Onboard GPS modules
  • Automatic vehicle recognition by Etag dispensing nozzle

According to the selected devices, the Epack logic controller is adapted to your requirements and usage. Our scalable system controls and centralises all the devices for your private service station.


Devices connected to the system:

  • Fuel, Adblue® and industrial fluid dispenser
  • Gate and door access control
  • Activation of washing gantries
  • Storage tank electronic level gauge

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