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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: Epacklevel electronic level sensors

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Epacklevel electronic level sensors

Monitoring, control and management of your petroleum product and industrial fluid storage tanks in real time (gasoline, diesel, red diesel, fuel oil, leaded/unleaded petrol, coolant, oils, windscreen washer).

The electronic gauging device with magnetic gauge provides optimal monitoring and management of the stocks of products in your tanks.

The Epacklevel sensors also allow you to monitor the waterproofing of your tanks and to obtain reliable and accurate data on the inventory of your stocks.

The information coming to the level gauges can also be displayed on a console installed close to the storage tanks or alternatively transmitted to the Epack management software in order to be used in real time.


  • Level of product in tank in real time on console and/or on Epack management software

  • Temperature-compensated level of product in tank
  • Height level of product in tank, empty capacity remaining
  • Automated alarms for level of product in tank, presence of water in tank
  • Automated alarm for suspicious fall in level of product in tank (antitheft)
  • Product supply monitoring (unloading)
  • Diagram summary (record of distributions, supplies)
  • Automatic calibration of tank gauging scale

Technical characteristics:

  • Certified volumetric detection of leaks
  • Continuous monitoring of volume of product in tank
  • Integrated communication ports (RS232, USB)
  • Centralised connection possible for up to 12 sensors
  • LCD touchscreen display
  • Functioning temperature 0° to 40°C
  • ATEX compliance

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