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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: Road Solutions – Passenger transport

Passenger transport

As a designer and manufacturer, Erla Technologies SAS has for more than 30 years been providing passenger transport professionals with a wide range of equipment with a Guaranteed French Produced label for storing, dispensing, filtering and managing fuel in order to ensure control of stocks and consumption.

Our innovative solutions meet the requirements of passenger transport professionals for dealing with the entirety of their fleets: coaches, buses, taxis, ambulances, light and utility vehicles.

A wide range of products and solutions guaranteeing

Distribution of hydrocarbons and associated fluids (coolant, motor oil, washer fluid) with the Modulis range. We integrate our diesel, leaded/unleaded petrol, fuel oil, red diesel, biofuel and Adblue® pumps into your activity zone for your fleet of vehicles and machinery. Our dispensing equipment is factory fitted with the Epack fuel management controller.

Our equipment:

  • Modulis dispenser
  • Adblue® dispenser
  • Biopack dispenser
  • Epack logic controller
  • Epack management & control software
  • Etag intelligent nozzle
  • Access control modules (fences, gates)
  • Washing gantry control module

Petroleum product storage with the Mobipack range. We design, manufacture and install your mobile storage and dispensing tanks for diesel, leaded/unleaded petrol, red diesel and Adblue®.

Our storage equipment:

  • Mobipack mobile service stations
  • Adbluepack mobile service stations

Management of your stock, vehicle consumption and access thanks to Epack software. You can manage and control fuel consumption in real time thanks to GPS geo-tracking of your vehicles. You thereby control management of your stocks of hydrocarbons and access to your equipment.

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