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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: Service station Design – Manufacture

Our company, Erla Technologies SAS, has specialised for more than 30 years in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining a huge range of innovative equipment with Guaranteed French Produced certification and intended for storage, distribution and management of petroleum products, biofuel, Adblue and industrial and chemical fluids.

Aware of environmental issues, new energies are at the heart of the innovations and solutions brought by Erla Technologies.

Our company supplies its clients with

  • Design: development of its own equipment with its integrated design department
  • Manufacture: construction, assembly and tests in respect of ISO 9001 standard
  • Installation: in France and abroad of equipment by teams of qualified technicians
  • Customer services: preventative and curative maintenance of installations on sites, telephone assistance service







Origine France garantie

Erla Technologies provides complete and personalised solutions

  • MOBIPACK portable service stations: solution for storage and distribution of leaded/unleaded petrol, diesel, fuel oil, red diesel, Adblue and industrial fluids in single- or double-walled tanks
  • MODULIS dispensing equipment: pump for service stations and fuel depots with integrated meter and logic controller
  • BIOPACK dispensing equipment: mixer pump and biofuel distribution logic controller (ethanol and biodiesel)
  • ETAG automatic vehicle recognition device
  • Solutions for Adblue® :
  • ADBLUESAT: range of Adblue® dispensers conforming to Euro 5/6 standards
  • ADBLUEPACK: tank dedicated to Adblue® storage with integrated dispenser and logic controller
  • Machines and filling interfaces made to measure

Thanks to its expertise, Erla Technologies has developed its own management system (level sensors, Epack management and monitoring logic controller and software.

The range of Epack logic controllers and software meet the requirements of companies of all sizes for providing security to, managing and analysis of stocks and transactions for fuel, lubricant, additive, industrial and chemical fluids. Epack also provides analysis of vehicle use and their fuel consumption thanks to Etac GPS geo-tracking.

Storage, distribution and management solutions for fuel and chemical products which correspond to the needs of a wide range of sectors:

  • Passenger and freight road transport
  • Passenger and freight rail transport
  • Sea, river and lake transport
  • Public works
  • Airport and aerodrome zones
  • Waste collection
  • Automobile, oil and chemical industries
  • Local authorities and national administrations
  • Armed forces

Erla Technologies provides its clients with a team of qualified technicians and a network of skilled professionals in order to guarantee installation and maintenance of their equipment.

Thank you for taking an interest in our company and if you have any further inquiries we would be glad to assist you.