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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: Products – MODULIS dispensing equipment

Dispensing equipment

Modulis dispensing equipment

A robust and reliable range of petroleum product dispensing equipment (diesel, red diesel, fuel oil, leaded/unleaded petrol), biofuel, Adblue® and industrial fluids specifically designed for professional use.

Modulis fuel and associated fluid dispensers are equipped with certified meters, with the Epack logic controller or a simple display for volumes dispensed. In addition, our equipment is developed to handle single- or multi-product distribution.

Range of flow rates

Single: 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12, 24, 48, 60m3 per hour.

Double: 3 et 3, 3 et 5, 5 et 5, 3 et 8, 5 et 8m3 per hour.

Adaptable device: unlimited number of products for a single dispenser

Chassis and bodywork

Electro-galvanised/aluminium sheet metal

Chassis with textured bellaria colour gloss paint

Blue bodywork

Key locks on doors

Hydraulic unit

Self-priming pump with adjustable by-pass, filter and air separator, check valve incorporated

Commercial accuracy flow meter Flameproof TRI motor 230/400V 50Hz ATEX

Pump drive with belts and pulleys (adjustable tension)

Pulse transmitter

Double channel pulse transmitter powered on anti-seize bracket

Factory fitted Epack logic controller

Fractional litre counter

Backlit LCD screen for user dialogue 16-key sensitive keypad

Simultaneous multiplexed distribution (up to 10 products or functions managed) Configurable flow reports

Volume predetermination


Products adapted to each of your uses:

  • Single or multi-product dispenser
  • Low module
  • Offset distribution bollard
  • Offset litre display
  • Side or front nozzle
  • Automatic winder or support rod for hose
  • Anti-removal safety connector


Range with Guaranteed French Produced label.


Modulis dispensing equipment

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