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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: Products – Adbluesat dispensing equipment

Dispensing equipment

Adbluesat dispensing equipment


As a solution complying with the new Euro 6 norms on exhaust pollutant emissions, Erla technologies has developed equipment which manages and dispenses Adblue® with the Adbluesat dispensers.


To meet the requirements of the new standards on exhaust pollutant emissions, the automobile industry has decided to incorporate SCR (selective catalytic reduction) technology in heavy vehicles with diesel engines.

This technology requires use of a urea-based aqueous solution (Adblue®), injected prior to the catalytic converter in the exhaust system in order to convert nitrogen oxide emissions into harmless nitrogen and water.

Technical characteristics:

  • Stainless steel bodywork
  • Key lock access doors
  • Nozzle protection with swinging flap
  • Low temperature protective brushes for hose
  • 1.5 % accuracy Adblue® specific display
  • Incorporated regulated reheating device
  • Specific Adblue® Elfaflex dispensing nozzle complying with DIN 70070 standard
  • Poka-yoke magnetic valve integrated into dispensing nozzle
  • 5.5m Adblue®-specific hose
  • Incorporated hose winder
  • Integrated safety electrovalve
  • Epack volume display with configurable report device on logic controller


  • Flowrate: 20 to 40 litres per minute
  • Pressure: 0.5 to 3.5 bar


Options available:

  • Incorporated or immersed pumping unit
  • Minimum tank product threshold level sensor
  • Progressive pump startup device
  • Epack logic controller
  • Hose anti-removal safety connector
  • Double side distribution with incorporated winders
  • Diesel/red diesel distribution line integrated into equipment
  • Incorporated diesel/red diesel hose winder

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