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Mobipack fuel and industrial fluids storage modules


Mobipack fuel and industrial fluids storage modules

Your turnkey storage and distribution solution.

A unique concept for storing, securing, distributing and managing your fuel, Adblue®, motor oil, coolant and industrial fluids.

MOBIPACK, mobile service stations designed according to your needs

  • Single-walled tank with retention container
  • Double-walled tank with protected machine room
  • Double-walled tank and technical platform on retention container
  •  Multi-product distribution (diesel, coolant, motor oil, Adblue®…)
  •  Integration of storage tank, dispenser and distribution logic controller into a container
  •  Covered or fully enclosed
  •  Swinging access doors equipped with anti-panic lock
  •  Electrically or mechanically controlled access screen
  •  Hose winder incorporated in dispensing equipment
  •  Anti-removal safety connector

Technical characteristics:

  • Storage capacity of 1 000 to 80 000 litres
  •  Steel tank, single or with compartments for multi-products
  •  Distribution flowrate up to 1 000 litres per minute
  •  Mechanical overfill device
  •  Distributing platform with drip recovery
  •  Modulis dispensing equipment factory fitted with Epack management logic controller
  •  Manual level gauge
  •  Emergency stop device
  •  Unit received and certified by an accredited body (Apave)

A wide range of options:

  • Full cladding of unit
  •  Integration into a container
  •  Lighting for distribution zone
  •  Electronic lock for access security
  •  Automatic rewind hose winder
  •  Anti-removal safety connector
  •  Upgrade mode for use of biofuel
  •  Data reports to Epack management software
  •  Electronic storage tank gauging


Erla Technologies - Mobipack, votre solution de stockage et de distribution

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