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HRF refuelling units

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HRF refuelling units

Products and systems developed on a “made-to-measure” basis.

Our petroleum product refuelling units are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of our clients.

Before each order for a refuelling unit, we draw up a requirements specification in order to take into account technical constraints for the user.

Our hydrocarbon distribution units guarantee:

  • Maximum security
  • Technical solutions to limit the risks of pollution
  • Robust and reliable construction

Technical characteristics:

  • Single flowrate up to 1 000 litres per minute
  • Double flowrate up to 400 and 800 litres per minute
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Cartridge filter
  • Rotary vane displacement meter
  • Foam recovery tray equipped with a visual level and flush valve
  • Epack fuel management controller
  • Electrically controlled hose winder
  • Control cabinet equipped with emergency stop button and winder control buttons
  • Auto or manual start nozzle

Options available:

  • Full stainless steel, aluminium cladding
  • Anti-overflow safety device for foam recovery tank
  • Anti-removal safety connector
  • Double flow selection button
  • Self-service mode configuration
  • Accreditation package for equipment for commercial use
  • Storage tank electronic level gauge

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