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ERLA TECHNOLOGIES: EpackWeb management & control software

Oil industry

EpackWeb management & control software

The comfort of flexible and efficient management of your unloading, transfer, loading, stocks and processes.

Resulting from more than 20 years of Erla Technologies expertise in the petroleum products field, Epack fuel management software will meet the requirements and suit the size of your depot.

Epack software is specifically developed for managing and monitoring your diesel, red diesel, fuel oil, petrol, Adblue® and associated fluids storage and loading installations. It also provides administration and access security for your installations.

Simple and intuitive, this software allows you to effectively centralise management of your depot.


  • Creation and management of user profiles
  • Creation and management of vehicle profiles
  • Management of consumption, statistics, petroleum deliveries
  • Monitoring of stocks and supplies
  • Country/territory for recovery fuel duty
  • Programming of identification devices
  • Access management
  • Monitoring and management of fleet of vehicles
  • Visualisation and analysis of routes
  • Cartography module, GPS geo-tracking of vehicles
  • Interactive supervision of your installations

Technical characteristics:

  • Creation and management of up to 10 000 user and/or vehicle profiles
  • Installation for an unlimited number of sites
  • Server-based SQL
  • Multi-device user and vehicle identification (codes, badges RFID, onboard GPS modules, cameras, automatic vehicle recognition by the dispensing nozzle…)
  • Configuration of timeslots for access to equipment
  • Automated CMMS installation management

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